Psicons AB Engineering software for macOS & iOS

Latest versions SlopeStabi and SlopeStab is now 1.1.6

The SlopeStab (for Mac computers) and SlopeStabi (for iPhone’s and iPad’s), app’s that evaluate total factor of safety for slopes in soil and weak rocks (evaluate risk for landslides), have been upgraded to handle clays with linearly changing cohesion with depth.. 

The app’s are restricted to analysing according to simplified Bishop and Swedish (ordinary) method of slices. Geometry wise only circular failure arcs are analysed but both app’s share the same input files so you can easily bring your stability thoughts out in the field. The app’s are available at Apple app store’s.

Manual SlopeStab & SlopeStabi

Describes the programs SlopeStab and SlopeStabi

Manual examples

Illustrating the manual
Manual (4.94KB)

More manual examples

Malaysian example and Zhu example
More manual (3.39KB)

Test files for the The Swedish land slide commission's approval

Test files containing the examples demanded to run to get approval.
Swedish landslide (7.88KB)

Real world examples

Tower, waste dump, dam and some tropical
Real life (8.94KB)

A couple of different examples

Load on clay and vertikal clay slope
Fun (2.06KB)

iOS - Calculations

Mac - Calculations

SlopeStab demo

30 sec demo SlopeStab mac preview.m4v (19.84MB)

SlopeStab demo 2 on 13 inch MacBook

SlopeStab 13 inch screen.m4v (18.14MB)

SlopeStabi demo 1

SlopeStabi 30 sec demo 1
SlopeStabi preview 1.m4v (7.87MB)

SlopeStabi demo 2

SlopeStabi 30 sec demo 2
SlopeStabi preview 2.m4v (23.87MB)